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    Providing remote infertility counseling services to the New York area.

    The IVF Therapist- Infertility Counseling with You in Mind

    WelcomeOffering Specialized Remote Support and Counseling to the New York Area for individuals and couples facing infertility. My services include IVF therapy and counseling, supported embryo/egg/sperm donations, surrogacy/GC, miscarriage, anxiety and couples counseling. My goal: helping you feel understood and supported so you can begin to heal. 

    Counseling services designed with you in mind. Regardless your journey, I am here to guide you. 

    Believe in Your Journey

    Life is beautiful and the ones you choose to share it with- priceless. But have you ever felt like starting a family might be difficult or out of reach? You spend your life creating a “vision” of a perfect family, partner, children. 

    But what happens when it’s not that easy and you begin to doubt what you can or cannot have?

    It’s questions like these that I strive to help you understand so you can heal, believe and grow during your infertility journey.

    Moving forward it is important to know that you are not alone

    1 in 8 couples are faced with infertility and have the same questions and concerns you do. Take comfort in knowing that therapy can open your mind, heart and soul to a solution.

    You’re here because you know how important it is to feel supported. You know fertility struggles can be challenging and now you’re ready to move forward. It’s my job to guide you towards comfort. 

    If you’re thinking about- IVF, egg/sperm/embryo donation, surrogacy/gestational carrier/couples therapy or have suffered a miscarriage- I can help you heal.

    Dealing with fertility struggles/infertility is never something you have to take on yourself. It is never something that you have to suffer from alone. There is comfort in knowing you can express your emotions, learn how to cope with your worries and move forward. 

    With fertility therapy and counseling you will start to heal, find hope and receive guidance so you can begin to move forward on your journey.

     My specialized services will:

    • provide understanding for your condition or struggles

    • give comfort and relief so you realize you are not alone

    • help you develop long lasting strategies to move forward 

    I’ve been where you are, so I know first hand how difficult these struggles can be. I will bring my knowledge to each of your therapy sessions, never judging you, letting you down or leaving your questions unanswered. I will always support you as you heal from the inside and out. 

    Mentally, physically, emotionally- I understand. If you are also feeling stressed, confused, worried or have a stigma associated with fertility treatments and infertility I’m here to tell you there is a way to find peace.  My remote services will help you through this difficult time. 

    Above all, keep remembering you are not alone. Therapy is an opportunity to understand yourself, come to terms with your apprehensions and heal. I believe and know that there is always hope, support, and a chance for a new beginning.

    With guidance and counseling dealing with fertility issues doesn’t have to be overwhelming or confusing. It doesn’t have to feel hopeless. Fertility counseling will bring you peace and comfort. You deserve to feel supported, relieved and uplifted. 

    “It was difficult finding a therapist that truly understood what I was going through. After several therapists, I finally found Tekla. Tekla has been a tremendous help with my fertility journey. She offers so much support and I always feel that she really understands me. She also understands all of the IVF terminology, which is important to me. I do not feel so alone and misunderstood anymore thanks to Tekla!” – Linda B.

    Working together as a team and equipping you with the tools necessary to face and overcome your challenges is essential. 

    Whether an individual, a couple navigating a fertility journey or someone experiencing anxiety or loss- you will find strength. 

    You do not have to face this on your own. You are unique and so is your story. Your sessions will be tailored to be as individual as you. We will work together to understand the root cause of your struggles and address them with long-lasting strategies.

    It’s time to find comfort. Are you ready to take the next step? I’m here waiting, ready to help. 

    You will understand your challenges and learn how to conquer them so you can breathe in, breathe out and begin to heal.

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