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  • Beating Those Winter Blues- 3 Tips for Pushing On Until the Break of Spring

    January, February and March. Oh yes, the winter months. The sun doesn’t shine as much, the skies are gray and we’re all yearning for that feel good vitamin D. But then add in cold winds and plummeting temperatures. All this becomes a recipe for the doldrums. Ugh the doldrums or the winter blues. Yes, the winter blues are definitely a thing and something far too many of us experience. It’s a time where we’re more inclined to stay bottled up in our houses, isolated and quite frankly feeling blah. We’re more prone to getting sick and lack the motivation to stay in tip-top shape. Mentally and physically. 

    Working out becomes a challenge, being productive feels like a chore and then before you know it, we fall deeper into a rut. But, it’s time to get out of that rut. Despite what might be going on personally, we can’t let ourselves become part of those winter blues. Instead, we’ve got to look towards the future, when we know the sun will return, the flowers will bloom and everything starts over again. Even ourselves. 

    No matter what you might be experiencing- IVF, other fertility treatments, stress, or anxiety we have to break out of that winter shell and look forward to pushing on. After all, spring is just right around the corner. Keep reading and you’ll soon discover some quick tips and tricks for beating those winter blues for good. Tried and true!

    Self-Care is a Must

    Taking care of yourself both mentally and physically allows your body to balance, regain calm and be less stressed. Stress, loneliness and levels of anxiety tend to increase during the winter months so it’s important to gain tools for coping with those stressors and the knowledge to overcome them. Dealing with infertility on top of the dreary winter months surely takes a toll on our mental well being and the reason turning to some self-care helps you climb out of that rut. 

    So what do you do? You focus on yourself. Carving out time to meditate, journaling, reading, listening to music or simply attending a yoga session all reset your mind and body. You’ll feel more relaxed, in control of your emotions and stronger. 

    But if you still find yourself unable to reset or recharge with some TLC, reaching out for extra support and guidance can absolutely help. A not-so-talked about type of self-care is also seeing a therapist. Someone relating to your experiences, giving you the opportunity to unload your emotions or simply just listen to you can take a load off your shoulders. Especially during a time of year where it’s hard to motivate yourself to get out, be social or find something to look forward to. Having a therapist can give you all those and more. So make sure to trust your instinct, believe in your journey and know you’re never alone.

    Get Outside or Plan a Trip

    When dealing with infertility, your emotions and moods can change and spring up in an instant. That’s why another important tip for pushing through those dreary winter days is getting outside or planning a trip to experience nature, change of scenery or simply a temporary escape. If your caught in the daily grind and your mind is weighed down with feelings you aren’t sure how to navigate, getting out in the fresh air is essential. Of course you’ll have to don a few extra layers depending on where you live, but it’s all worth it. Exposure to nature and just being outside has so many benefits. Benefits such as-

    • Reducing stress

    • Clearing your mind

    • Increasing Immunity

    • Improving Sleep

    What better excuse do you have to get out and breathe in some fresh air! Just being active helps balance your mind and puts you in a better mood. Being in a better state of mind is also linked to increased productivity, a more positive outlook on life and believing you can overcome obstacles. Obstacles such as infertility that pose such a challenge. But with a little practice,  promising to indulge in good habits and exposing yourself to nature healing is much more attainable. 

    Now back to the trip. Many plan a “wintery escape” whether to a cold destination (if you’re into skiing) or to a warm climate guaranteeing a full dose of vitamin D is in the cards! Regardless, it’s always good to detach for a bit, regroup, rejuvenate and then return with a brighter outlook on what’s to come.

    Put Your Health First with Healthy Eating Habits

    Everyone knows what we eat affects us from the inside out. What we put into our bodies no doubt either powers us through the day or leaves us feeling sluggish, fatigued and emotional. Which is why focusing on eating clean, lean and healthy fresh food helps to lift your mind and spirit. 

    If you’re going through fertility treatments, including IVF, your doctor might have already explained the importance of healthy eating habits. Diets focusing on whole foods, including a variety of fruits and vegetables can support your fertility and help you maintain a healthy weight. All of which are important when going through these challenges.  Eating a variety of healthy foods also ensures you’re getting all the important nutrients your body craves and needs, especially when going through treatment. However, take things in stride. Now may not be the time to make any drastic changes to your diet. Make sure you have an open, honest conversation with your doctor about your health and nutrition and allow them to steer you in the right direction. 

    Since winter is a time many tend to “let themselves go” make a promise to do the opposite. Instead of hiding behind our sweats, fuel yourself right and be proud of the beautiful person you are. Healthy eating also ties to helping us stay healthy all season long, knocking out sickness and keeping our mental well-being as healthy as it can be. 

    Yes, it’s Possible

    All in all it’s definitely possible to blast through the winter blues. Try finding the beauty in nature, and appreciate life for all it is. Of course there’ll be days when you’re feeling down but think about all the things you just read. Keep those in mind and use them to lift your spirits and help you feel your best. Self-care, getting outside, planning a get-a-way or simply focusing on healthier habits. These are keys to carving a path for your future and whatever your journey may bring.