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  • It’s time to refresh! 3 Tips on How to Restart This Spring

    Year after year spring is something to look forward to. The days are a bit longer, the plants start blooming and the trees are getting back their color. It’s also a time for warmer weather. Yes, that means putting away heavy winter jackets, storing snow shovels and making room for patio furniture, fire pits and garden tools. Renewal, rejuvenation and restoration! 

    Spring is also the perfect time to give yourself an emotional boost. Wintertime is always tough. The long days, gray skies and of course, the winter blues. December to February is always challenging and if you’ve been dealing with infertility or grief on top of it all, winter can feel even more draining. It’s draining on your emotions, body and mind. Struggling with your mindset, dealing with “things” out of your control. It’s exhausting. But the good news is, once spring cycles back, so can you. Each year you’re given the opportunity to create a fresh start, bloom where you’re planted and make the best of every situation. Here are three tips to boost your spirit, and show you that it’s possible to move forward on your journey.

    Take “Spring Cleaning” Seriously

    You’ve heard of spring cleaning, but how many of us really take it seriously. If you haven’t, then it’s time you should. Spring cleaning is an opportunity to declutter, clean out and start over! This can feel overwhelming but if you set a goal and put aside time each week to declutter before you know it, you’ll feel organized, lighter and ready to take on anything life throws you. 

    Sounds a bit dramatic but many have expressed how amazing it feels to get rid of all that excess baggage lying around (literally). Make room for the new! And who doesn’t want to feel amazing? The benefits of decluttering range from-

    • Increased productivity – Not having so much lying around can help you organize your thoughts, jobs and make you more productive overall. Decluttering doesn’t just mean your closet, it also relates to your office, desk or files. Get rid of what you don’t need. Organizing your work space helps you feel more assertive and even energetic. 

    • Reduced stress- Stress is the leading cause of health problems so it’s no wonder that a quick spring cleaning can reduce stress. Spring cleaning helps you let go of the past, focus on the future and reduce your stressors. Breathe in, breathe out and move on.

    • Better sleep- If you’ve ever laid in bed thinking of all the things you need to do or ponder how to get yourself on track then rest assured some good old spring cleaning will help you feel so much better. Your mind will rest knowing you’ve got all your ducks in a row.

    • Stronger relationships- This one may surprise you but when you feel calm, focused and destressed all other things fall into place- including relationships. Organized, simple living helps you let go of the “crankies” and keeps your mood light and positive.

    Prioritizing what’s really important and getting rid of “the rest” gives you peace of mind and a sense of control. And isn’t that what we crave? Control. Control of our emotions, actions and the steps we take to reach our goals. 

    Spring cleaning can also be a time where you reconnect with ones you love. Grab a partner or a friend and tackle your jobs together. You’d be surprised how spring cleaning helps you feel balanced and at peace.

    Restart with Support

    Support is something all humans crave, it’s in our nature. And spring is the perfect time to focus more on self-care and give your mind, body and soul a chance to recharge. But how? One way to do so is with therapy. Decluttering your home is only one aspect of moving forward. Another is focusing on how to process your thoughts, emotions and learn tools that’ll help you reset. Spring is about second chances. Regardless if you’re dealing with infertility or not, a new season means new opportunities to set and reach your goals.

    Restarting could also mean coming to terms with your fertility journey and being ready to start something else. Maybe becoming a parent isn’t in the cards, and that’s ok. Being a parent doesn’t define you as a person. You’re an amazing being inside and out. Infertility should never make you feel ashamed or any less of a person. Struggles in general, fertility or not, are part of life. Talking with a therapist is an avenue to help you navigate all these feelings and more. 

    If you’re ready to talk with someone about your fertility goals, then great! The time is now to express yourself. Spring is the perfect time for new chances, wiping the slate clean and starting over with the season. You’ll start feeling more motivated, hopeful and recharged with all the changes going on around you. Everyday is a new day and a chance to start anew. 

    Set New Goals- Personally and Professionally

    Lots of people set goals for themselves after the new year but spring is another great time to kickstart your life whether personally or professionally. Personally it’s a time to recharge. Warm weather in general signals to our mind and bodies to get outside, take care of ourselves and nourish from the inside out. Just getting outside invigorates your mind and body. Fresh air always makes you feel better and it’s the perfect setting for goal setting.

    Goal setting for the future is encouraging and gives us a sense of purpose. If you’ve been on a fertility journey for a while maybe it’s time to create a new path. Of course this never has to be done alone. Talking with your doctor, or a therapist can help you learn more about your unique situation and develop a plan suited for your needs. 

    Think of all the symbolism springs bring. April showers bring May flowers. But what exactly does that mean for us? It means understanding that life sometimes gives us challenges, and moments when we are challenged but all things work together. Rain nourishes the plants and flowers that grow into new opportunities just like our obstacles, difficulties and challenges help us become stronger, more aware of our abilities and guide us down a path of different opportunities. Navigate that opportunity with hope and seek guidance every step of the way. 

    Make a Promise to Restart

    So make a promise. Promise to give yourself the chance to heal, grow and flourish this spring. No matter where you are now personally or professionally, springtime brings a sense of hope and renewal. Believe in making changes that will bring happiness to your life. Get rid of the junk by decluttering, restart with support and guidance and set new goals because spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be!