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  • Therapy and IVF- Three Reasons Why the Two Go Hand in Hand and How to Gain Control

    How many times have you said to yourself, “I wish I would have known or done that sooner.” And it doesn’t matter what “that” is, sometimes you just have a feeling. Therapy is the same. People are hesitant to try it, then once they do, wish they would have started sooner. In the past there’s been a stigma attached with therapy but now more than ever its benefits prove all those misconceptions wrong. Therapy is known to improve mental well-being, manage stress, and decrease levels of anxiety with learned tools. When you find the right “fit” with a therapist, doors open that you never thought possible. 

    Therapy gives you a different perspective and the opportunity to learn tools and strategies to help you navigate your unique life journey. Therapy also gives you a chance to heal. And is something many going through IVF use as a tool to cope with difficult times. IVF, or in vitro fertilization, is the process where an egg is combined with a sperm in vitro. It’s an assisted reproductive treatment benefiting many who experience infertility. But it’s also challenging and emotionally straining. If you’re about to embark on a journey with IVF then this article’s for you. Here’s why you should consider therapy before starting treatment. You’ll feel stronger, more emotionally sound and have the tools needed to cope along the way. 

    Finding Comfort

    If you’re about to go through IVF then your mind is surely spinning with questions, concerns and emotions. Emotions such as doubt, guilt, and defeat. Chances are you never imagined getting pregnant would be difficult. But in reality 1 in 6 couples go through some form of infertility- so it’s not as uncommon as you think. Bottom line is, if you’re going through infertility the first step in your journey is acceptance. Therapy can help you find that acceptance. 

    IVF may be one of the most stressful aspects of your life. Mainly because you probably didn’t expect it, but the sooner you realize it’s ok and you’re not alone, the better it will feel. And one thing’s for sure, keeping a healthy mindset and outlook on your treatment is key. Before you start IVF treatment take the time to learn about your situation and speak with your doctor regarding avenues of guidance. Making time for you and your partner is essential especially as you prepare your mind and body for the process. Starting therapy before you begin gives you a step up so to speak. You’ll gain understanding, tools to cope and a more sound sense of acceptance. IVF can be long, unknown and confusing so the sooner you speak with someone who understands, an expert in their field, the sooner you’ll feel comfort to navigate forward. 

    Benefits of seeing a therapist before starting treatment include- 

    – Coming to terms with your frustration, envy, or disappointment

    – Ensure you and your partner or support system are on the same page

    – Prepare mentally for the outcome of your treatment

    Also if you’re prone to anxiety or have been experiencing signs of worry regarding treatment then therapy can also guide you towards a more balanced and emotional well being. Counseling uncover your underlying emotions, assist in problem solving and help you relax. Going through IVF will take a toll on your body so having the tools to alleviate some of these issues is helpful. 

    Looking Forward Towards Treatment

    As mentioned before IVF is a long and difficult process. It can mean cycle after cycle of medication, doctor’s visits and emotional roller coasters. Which is why therapy as you begin and then as you look ahead, can help you find a calm and more centered place. Speaking with someone who’s been where you are and is dedicated to helping those in similar situations also gives you knowledge about your journey and what’s to come. Support groups are fantastic resources and often offered by therapists. You’ll never feel alone.The more you prepare, the better. Another strategy a therapist can teach is communication. Keeping your lines of communication open while going through IVF is essential. And not just with your partner or those supporting you. Communicating your thoughts and concerns with your doctor or even yourself is essential in your journey. 

    A Clearer Path Ahead

    The road ahead is not always clear. It’s full of roadblocks, uncertainty and doubt.  But therapy has the ability to provide clarity and stability. Seeking guidance from a therapist sheds new light on what you can do now, to prepare for the path ahead. Strategies and tools such as meditation, self-care and focusing on your mental and physical health are all important in your process. Without proper mental clarity and strength, IVF or any other fertility treatments may feel daunting. Having someone to talk to, someone who understands is so beneficial. You don’t want to start your journey and wish further down the line that you had more guidance from the start.

    Working backwards is much harder than moving forward with support. Above all, remember you should never feel shame or guilt. Seeking guidance from those who understand will guide you forward and help you feel more in control. Therapy and IVF work hand in hand and for so many patients going through the process, bring stability and calm. It’s ok to feel unsure of the road ahead, but you never have to navigate alone. Find your guidance and push forward ahead with knowledge, tools and support.